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Local Products & Gastronomy

Crete is abundant in all necessary natural resources for the skilled Cretan cooks to create truly unforgettable local delicacies. These dishes are prepared using fresh, seasonal ingredients, therefore they encompass the real flavour of Cretan nature. Olive oil, dairy products, local meat, vegetables and wild greens, pulses, honey, aromatic herbs and many other products from the Cretan mountains, are the basis of Cretan cuisine.

The Cretan diet is recognized today by the international scientific community as the most typical and good quality example of the so-called Mediterranean diet.

Make sure you try some of the appetizing local cheeses, fresh salads, a few “hohlious boubouristous” (snails cooked in olive oil with rosemary) and other savoury casseroles. Skillful Cretan women also prepare delicious pastries, sourdough breads and rusks, olive oil biscuits and a variety of sweets made with honey, grape molasses, dry nuts and sesame seeds, which are all worth tasting. As to the wine and the local raki, the traditional distilled spirit of Crete, they are to be enjoyed at every chance!

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