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Municipality for PWSN

The Municipality of Minoa Pediados has developed in recent years a series of actions and interventions to facilitate accessibility for people with special needs in the public places of the Municipality and to provide these people with easy access to facilities and other municipal services. In summary, the undertaken actions which are implemented are the following:

  • A Free Balneotherapy program for People with special needs
    The Social Policy and Equality Office of the Municipality of Minoa Pediados organized the launch of the program “Camps – Balneotherapy – Clay therapy for senior citizens and for individuals with disabilities for the year 2014”./li>

  • An informative event for the Disabled
    An Informative event has been organized by the Municipality of Minoa Pediados “ Disability Rights and Benefits” in cooperation with the Special Kindergarten and the Special Primary School of Arkalohori.
  • A Care Centre in Thrapsano
    The Parents’ and Friends’ Association for Individuals with Disabilities, called “ A Right to Life”, in collaboration with the Municipality of Minoa Pediados, created the second Care Center for Individuals with Disabilities in Thrapsano of Minoa Pediados.
  • A Tourist Destination of Excellence
    Accessibility in the Municipality of Minoa Pediados is an integral part of the local strategy for tourism development. Improving accessibility in the Municipality is in connection with the overall quality of life and is a key feature of the policy of the Municipal Authority in respect of infrastructure. The EDEN project aims to promote new tourist destinations, which are not massively developed and their development is according to the principles of sustainable tourism development. It has started in 2007 and since then it has brought maximum benefits for the promotion of the highlighted destinations across Europe.

Regarding public works which are announced and implemented, the Municipality of Minoa Pediados always includes specific provision for access infrastructure for the people with disabilities, such as ramps, walkways for the blind etc. Also in the Municipality of Minoa Pediados three special schools operate:

• The Special Elementary School in Arkalohori
• The Special Kindergarten operating in the Special Elementary School in Arkalohori
• An inclusion class operating in the 2nd Kindergarten in Arkalohori

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