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The Apostoli village lies in the northwest side of Apostoli valley and west of Kastelli. The name derives from the existence of the church of St. Apostles, which was rebuilt and dedicated in 1876. The village is divided into two districts, “Pano”(upper part) and “Kato”(lower part) village, having the oldest names Kamari and Agioi Apostoli respectively.

The inhabitants, except for the olive and raisin production, are involved in trade activities, since the location of the village is extremely favorable, as it is on the way to Heraklion. Additionally, there were tanneries functioning in the settlement in the past.

If you make a short walk into the village of Apostoloi today, you will find several old houses, beautiful examples of traditional architecture of the 19th century, many of which are arched houses. There are also two old churches worth visiting: the two-aisled church of the 19th century, dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the Archangel Michael, in the upper part of the village and the vaulted Byzantine church of Saint George with frescoes inside.

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