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Hiking itinerary 2: Arkalochori – St. Semni


Smiley faceDetails of route

  • Length of the Trail:
    8,8 km
  • Duration:
    1 hour and 53 minutes
  • Recommended Season:
    All year round
  • Level of Difficulty:
    Asphalt and dirt road
  • Type of Signal:
  • Location:
    Minoa Pediados (Perfecture of Heraklion)

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Description of the route

It is a relatively easy hiking trail that starts from Arkalochori (1). Coming out of the village the hikers head westward through the valley of Arkalochori with the olive trees and the crops. The slightly easy uphill trail will lead them to the picturesque village of Zida (2), located at an altitude of 490 meters near the ridge of the hills which are the western border of the Arkalochori plain.

From there, tourists heading south, along a dirt road again, following the ridge of the hills, will reach two of the oldest but almost deserted settlements, Milliarisi (3) and then Vitsilia (4). They can walk along the ruined streets and admire the valley on the east. From Vitsilia you can take the asphalt road that heads northeast and you reach St. Semni (5) where you can stop to rest in the yard of the little church of Santa Barbara and drink some cool water from the spring.

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