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Cycling Itinerary 1 Arkalochori – Voni – Arhontiko – Arkalochori

Description of the route

This is a medium difficulty circular cycling route through the fertile plain of Minoa Pediados. The route starts from Arkalochori (1) with the first stop north at Thrapsano (2) with its narrow streets and the famous pottery workshops. From Thrapsano move northwest always following the asphalt road to Voni. In the middle of the route you will come across the junction for the village Zofori (3) to the northeast. If you have time you can visit and admire the beautiful vineyards of the village.

If you move to the west you will find the village of Voni (4) where you can stop and have a quick coffee and head to the south towards Galatas. Do not forget to stop at the monastery of Saint Marina that you find on your way. At Galatas (5) stroll through narrow streets with small stone houses and look for the small church of St. John and the ruins of the Minoan palace. From Galatas a slightly uphill road will lead you to Arhontiko (6) where you can enjoy the view over the plain. Northwest at a small distance lies the village Houmeri (7) that will reward you with the fresh air of nature and its beautiful Venetian fountain. From Houmeri the descent to Arkalohori (8) will pleasantly relax you.

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