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Being important for the economic development of the region, Arkalohori is located 33 kilometers southeast of the city of Heraklion, at an altitude of 395 meters. It is an important node, since it is located in the center of one of the main north-south road network, starting from Heraklion. It is said that the place name Arkalohori derives from “Arkalos”, the Cretan name of the badger.

Nowadays it presents significant infrastructure. It has two primary schools, High Schools, police station, post office, banks and a health center. Most people are in commerce and as far as the agricultural production is concerned, the main products are olive oil, raisins and cereal. In Arkalohori, there is also S. Koutedakis’ private collection of works of folk art.

Arkalochori is currently characterized by its intense cultural and commercial activities, carnival events and art festivals. In its Open Municipal Theatre you can watch during summer interesting musical and theatrical performances. There are also cafes and restaurants, while the largest Agricultural and Trade Fair of Crete is held every year at the exhibition center.

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