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The village Aski, like most of the villages in the area, has its roots far back in the past, and its location is northwest of Kastelli and just 45 kilometers from Heraklion.

Near the settlement, on a steep hilltop, a clay figurine of the Middle Minoan period is mentioned to have been found, while on top of the hill Amigdalokefalo remains of an important structure of the same period have been found, a part of a Summit Sanctuary, as well as extensive residential installation.

You can nowadays see at the village of Askoi the remains of the beautiful noble house where Tsoulis, the bloodthirsty Ottoman janissary, son of Agha Mustafa Bey, used to live. This building complex used to be very impressive in the past. The stone-built arches can still be seen. It was built during the Venetian period and then, during the Ottoman period, it was transformed into a Turkish “Konaki”, while later on it became a factory.

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