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Cave of Arkalohori

The Cave of Arkalohori is located about half a kilometer south of the homonymous settlement, at the place called Prophet Elias. The entrance to the cave is relatively difficult, whereas before 1500 it had been developed to a greater extent. The collapse of a part of the cave is perhaps due to natural causes.
Archaeological research of I. Hatzidakis has revealed an important worship center with numerous visitors. The findings are related to Early Minoan pottery, bronze knives, swords etc. The excavations continued in 1932 by Spyros Marinatos and Nikolaos Platonas. Among the many items found, there were double axes (labrys), many of which were decorated with gold, and a bronze ax with hieroglyphic signs, similar to those of the Phaistos disc. The cave had been used since 2500 BC as a place of worship, probably of a war deity, because the offerings have been mainly weapons. The cave probably had been a copper workshop, as indicated by findings of pieces of copper.

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