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Caves of Smari

There are some caves found in the area of the Acropolis of Smari but the research for them is quite superficial.

  • A cave was found on the northeast of Smari, at an altitude of 320 meters, at a place named “Kupos”. It has a total length of 30 meters, with two chambers inside.

The cave “Xepatomeni Latsida”, with depth of 45 meters, is on the southeast of the village Smari, at an altitude of 412 meters, at a place named “Pithos”. According to a custom, sick people’s clothing or sick animals used to be placed in this cave.

  • There is another cave, 10 meters long, southwest of Smari, at an altitude of 414 meters, at the place “Gerolakkos”. Its entrance is located three meters below the ground level.
  • A cave, 30 meters long, lies southeast of Smari, at the place “Spiliarida”, at an altitude of 489 meters.


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