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Cheese and Meat

The history of Cretan Cheese starts from antiquity: according to the legend, the Cretan cheese products nourished the father of the gods Zeus, who was driven away by his mother Rhea and grew up on Mount Dikti with the care of the goat Amaltheia.

As an important source of calcium and of proteins of high biological value, cheese holds a leading role in Cretan diet. It can be consumed all day long from morning to late night, as an accompaniment or as a main delicacy, as a starter or as a dessert. It is always on the Cretan table and its quality competes with top cheese qualities abroad. The flavor of all the different kinds of cheese, such as graviera, kefalograviera, Kefalotyri, sweet and sour “myzithra” (soft cheese) and all other dairy products is absolutely great!

Livestock farming has always been the main occupation of the inhabitants of mountain regions, from east to west Crete. Thousands of sheep graze on the mountains of the island eating except for grass numerous aromatic plants and herbs that give a special flavor to the meat. There will be no Cretan table without roast lamb or skewered or cooked with all the goods of Cretan land.

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