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Γενική άποψη του ναού

Σπάνια τοιχογραφία με τις μορφές της Αγίας Ελένης και του καθολικού Αγίου Φραγκίσκου της Ασίζης

Τοιχογραφίες στο εσωτερικό του ναού

Church of Holy Mary in Sampas

The church of Holy Mary in Sampas is one of the many Byzantine churches of the area, which has been preserved by the Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities. It has been built on the west side of Sampas village and it is surrounded by large cypresses. The frescoes inside are damaged, but a persistent visitor’s eye will distinguish St. Helen and St. Francis in a large mural on the north wall of the church.

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