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Cultural – Folklore Associations of Minoa Pediados

The traditions, manners and customs, the songs and dances are not objects in a museum and it does not mean that you can save them if you just exhibit them in a museum. Τhey are alive and only people’s energy and love can keep them alive and integrate them into everyday practice of modern life.

There are many cultural associations in the settlements of Minoa Pediados and they are consisted of ordinary people who love their homeland, the smells, the sounds, the arts and techniques and they want to rescue everything that brings them into contact with their past and at the same time is a legacy for their future. Look for the local Cultural Association in every village of Minoa Pediados and if you’re lucky you may experience a feast for bread, olives, or wine!

Folklore Association of Kastelli
Folklore Association of Panayia
Folklore Association of Apostolianon
Folklore Association of Arkalochrori
Folklore Association of Kastamonitsa
Folklore Association of Thrapsano
Folklore Association of Kalo Chorio
Folklore Association of Politheas Pediados

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