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Cultural – Folkloric Center of Ini

It is found in the village of Ini, municipality of Arkalohori. The project is about the restoration and extension of an old, stone-built building to house the activities of the cultural-folkloric center of Ini.
A cellar was set up, as well as a hall was created for exhibitions (photography, plastic arts). The addition of a first floor created a conference room, which can also be used for exhibitions. Outside the building a covered area was created, a wood-burning oven and an old raki distillery were set up. The procured furniture included tables, chairs, window cases, work benches, etc.
Currently the exhibits include old farm tools and implements, traditional kitchen utensils which were used for making bread in the stone oven. The visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the daily activities of housewives in the Cretan kitchen. These activities address children in the area and tourists interested in Cretan diet.

Τουριστικός Οδηγός

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