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The size of Crete and the fact that is isolated from the rest mainland of Europe, as well as the diversity of the soil allows the island to support a wide variety of fauna and wildlife. Large mammals and predators such as wolves, deer, bears and other species are not identified anywhere in Crete. In the rural landscape of Minoa Plain several small mammals are identified such as rabbits, hares, mice and other rodents, badgers, hedgehogs, shrews, weasels and ferrets. There are also some interesting reptiles and amphibians, but only about 14 species. This is probably due to prolonged isolation from other continents. The Cretan frog and the Cretan lizard are among them.

Although the Kri-Kri wild goat (Capra aegagrus-cretica), the unique wild goat of Crete, cannot be found in the area of Minoa Pediados, however if you are lucky, you may encounter other rare and interesting mammals such as the Cretan cute hedgehog (Acomus mimus ), the Cretan marten (Martes foina-bunites), and the Cretan wildcat (Felis silvestris agrius).

In the birdlife of the area you can identify the Cretan golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetus) and the bearded vulture (Gypaetus varvatus). The hills, the mountains and the green valleys of the region are also inhabited by the vultures Gkrifon. There are several flocks of swallows and nightingales, while the finches and goldfinches are rare.

The dams and water reservoirs of the Plain host many bird species, indigenous and migratory and there are often species of herons.

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