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In the area of the Municipality of Minoa Pediados lies a charming hinterland with impressive natural scenery, lush valleys full of olive groves and vineyards, caves and gorges, wetlands and ponds, where 1700 species of plants that thrive in Crete are located, many of which are characterized as endemic.

The rural landscape is dominated by vineyards and olive groves with an estimated number of 3.117 million olive trees. In areas of high ground, due to the intense drought of the summer, there is undergrowth vegetation of herbs, native plants and flowers, some of which unfortunately are significantly threatened because of human intervention. Oleander and osier bloom in the ravines and gorges while anemones are abundant during the winter.

The variety of flora that grows in the gorges of the Municipality that face the Libyan Sea on the south is very important. It is also very interesting to see the flora that has developed around the dams and water reservoirs of Ini, of Amourgelles, of Karavados, of Skinias and Partira.

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