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Galata Palace

Galata Minoan Palace, equal to that of Zakros, is situated on a rocky hill in the area of Galatiani Kefala. It is the oldest complex of this kind in Crete which has all the main architectural features of the Minoan palace.

In the 1990s the spade of the archaeologist George Rethymiotaki revealed the palace of six acres, the fourth largest Minoan Palace in Crete, and its city around it. A part of the building complex has been dated as Middle Minoan (1700-1650 BC), while in its integrated form it dates from a later period, the prime period of the new palaces (1650-1600 BC).

A large number of findings, like pots and stone tools, indicate the development of specialized craft in the field of food preparation. The palace next to the holy cave of Arkalohori offers an exceptional view of the sea. In order to visit it you need to contact the Ephorate of Antiquities.

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