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Honey and aromatic herbs

Honey is a natural stimulant, it has antioxidants, it is rich in vitamin E, it relieves us from insomnia and constipation, it can soothe a sore throat and it has significant antimicrobial activity as it prevents the growth of bacteria. Furthermore, it is a significant source of energy.

The Minoa Plain is a place rich in wild aromatic plants such as thyme, sage, bush, oregano, pine, acacia, strawberry tree, eucalyptus, providing the necessary food for the beehives in the area. The treatment of Cretan honey is natural without high temperatures that destroy the vitamins. The two main types of honey produced in the region are the honey from thyme and honey from pine.

Aromatic Herbs, oregano, basil, lime leaves, marjoram, thyme, mint, rosemary, laurel, chamomile, sage and other herbs form an important tradition for the island. Botanical studies reveal that the island of Crete has one of the richest and most interesting ecosystems in Europe, with a large number of endemic plants, plants that are native only in Crete, like Malotyra (siderites syrioca) and Diktamos (origanum diktamus), the king of the endemic flora of Crete, known for its antiseptic properties since antiquity.

These amazing herbs mainly grow on steep slopes of the mountains and gorges of the Minoa Plain and are collected by experienced collectors in order to be dried under natural conditions and then they are brought in modern packing centers without any chemical or other treatment. You can find all these herbs in the markets of the settlements of Minoa Pediados and in shops throughout Crete.

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