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The settlement Ini is located 46 kilometers from Heraklion, built at the entrance of the valley crossed by the river Baritis, 9 km south of Arkalochori. Its inhabitants, who in 2011 appeared to be 358, are currently engaged mainly in farming and have even set up their own agricultural cooperative, while preserving their small businesses.

The village is of a great archaeological interest, as remains of a significant ancient settlement have been identified in the wider area. In 1953 a significant finding was detected in the settlement of Ini. It was a gold bezel ring depicting a naked female figure. This disclosure was followed by a second one in 1959, at the place “Agoutsakia”, where a tomb was discovered, in which there were a pointed amphora and “lacrimatoria” (vessels for the tears of mourners).

In the modern village of Ini you can find small shops and mini markets, while of course you can relax at the traditional cafes. An interesting folklore museum is housed in an old traditional house in the center of the village. It is worth visiting its rich collection.

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