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Kalo Ηorio

Τhe village of Kalo Ηorio is situated near the city of Heraklion, at an altitude of 320 meters, following the way Heraklion – Gouves – Koxari – Kalo Horio. This is a settlement with agricultural production, mainly olive oil and vineyard products. On a a low hill of the area, called “Maza”, excavations of the archaeologist N. Platonas suggest residential facilities of 10th – 8th century BC. This same summit of the hill was used as a Minoan peak Sanctuary during the Middle Minoan period.

Kalo Horio today is a beautiful green settlement, with a lot of springs, only five hundred meters from its center. It is worth visiting the building of the old Municipal Court in the village, which isdesignated as a historical monument.

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