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Motor route 2: Lefkochori – Archaeological site of Kastello

Description of the route

This is a relatively short motor route with great interest. You start from Lefkochori (1) with the excellent view over the valley of Ini and Kassanoi. You move south first on a dirt road until you meet the asphalt road that leads you to Garipa (2). Olive trees and vines pleasantly accompany you throughout your route which continues south until you meet the Anapodaris river.

In front of you there is the hill where lies the Fortress Belvedere. You do not take the asphalt road to Upper – Lower Kastelliana but follow the dirt road east of the fortress heading to Favriana (3), from where the famous gorges start leading toTsoutsouros. Admire the view and head to the villages Upper and Lower Kastelliana. (4) Rest for a while and head north to the hill Kastello (5). Leave your vehicle at the foot of the hill and go on foot to the archaeological site with its castles and churches and the breathtaking view over the Libyan Sea.

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