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Milliarisi, which is a short distance west of the village of Agia Semni, is one of the oldest villages of the area.

The almost deserted village, with only 4 residents in 2011, is located on a low hill, almost 5 km. southwest of Arkalochori, at a short distance west of Saint Semni. It is a small village with a history of many centuries, whose name appears in preserved manuscripts, from the Venetian period. In 1261 it was mentioned as Millarissi in a document of Leon Marcello, a notary of Candia. Nowadays Milliarisi retains elements of ancient architecture inside and the church of St. Nicholas with Byzantine frescoes (14th – 16th century) used to function, as it is referred in documents, throughout the Venetian period.

Today in Milliarisi you can see the single-aisled church of St. Nicholas, maintained since that time, inside of which there are preserved frescoes of 14th to 16th century. Most of its stone houses, which once used to be full of life, have been left derelict.

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