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Olives and olive oil

The olive oil which is produced in the large groves around the villages of the Minoa Plain is considered to be one of the healthiest in the world due to climatic conditions that are considered ideal for the development of the olive tree. There are about 3.117 million olive trees in the Minoa Plain. Apart from the great nutritional value, Olive oil is one of the most natural antioxidant elements that protect the body against the development of “free radicals”.

During autumn and winter the growers of the olive trees in Minoa Plain spread special nets and begin to harvest the olives with traditional bars and modern tools and with smiles and enthusiasm. The olives that are edible (black pickled, “neratzolies”, broken natural green olives in vinegar or lemon juice) are packed in vessels, get the scent of the herbs from the Cretan countryside and after they get sweet, sour or dry, the olives end up on the table of every family not only in Crete but all over the world. Another part of the olive production is not in traditional factories, but in modern mills, where the famous Cretan olive oil is produced after the appropriate process. Visit the villages of the Minoa Plain and for your breakfast do not forget to pour a few drops of virgin olive oil on a warm slice of bread. You will be excited by the taste and the scent.

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