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Open Theater of Archalochori

The Open Theatre of Arkalohori is located on the southern border of the town of Arkalohori. It is an area of a complex development, which highlights the surrounding environment through infrastructure. Along with the theater all these form an important tourist attraction.

The theater has been designed with an open circular stage and a semicircular hollow, organized in pairs at a lower level of 450 seats (7 stands of 40 cm high, 5 circular parts of 90 seats) and pairs at an upper level of 810 seats (9 stands 40 cm high, 9 circular parts of 90 seats). The whole construction also includes a canteen and toilets, dressing rooms for the actors, a storeroom of the stage, backstage, an entrance and a facade of the square.

In this area a combination of culture, nature and development takes place. Every year the Theatre hosts remarkable performances. Great emphasis is therefore given on the possibility of upgrading the cultural level of the inhabitants of the region.

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