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Hiking itinerary 1: Philippi – Tsoutsouras


Smiley faceDetails of route

  • Length of the Trail:
    10,5 km
  • Duration:
    3 hours
  • Recommended Season:
    All year round
  • Level of Difficulty:
    Easy route
  • Type of Signal:
  • Location:
    Minoa Pediados (Perfecture of Heraklion)

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Description of the route

It is a moderate hiking trail – downhill starting from the village of Philippi (1) at an altitude of about 450 meters. The whole itinerary is along the river Mintri on an old path (2,3). The Mintri zone includes a ravine with neighboring grassland and forest grassland. The fertility of the soil varies, but it is generally of a small level, with the only exception of the impressive growth in small valleys and ravines. Along this way you can find oleanders, of about 3.5 meters high, osier and myrtle. At the end of the path, 500 meters from the beach, the tourist detects the ruins of ancient Inatos (4), which was according to the geographer Ptolemy the ancient seaport of Priansou. The end of the route will pleasantly reward you as you see in front of you the Libyan Sea and the beautiful beach of Tsoutsouras (5) with blue waters and picturesque restaurants.

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