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The settlement Tsoutsouras or Tsoutsouros is the only seaport of the Municipality of Minoa Pediada, built at the homonymous bay by the Libyan Sea. It is located 29 km south of Arkalochori and it should be noted that a few kilometers before we approach the settlement, the view to the top of Mount Kofina and the gorge of the river Mintri is quite astonishing. This is a relatively new settlement, as the first written reference to it is reported in 1940.

The site has been inhabited since prehistoric times and nowadays it presents great archaeological interest. Tsoutsouros is built on the site of ancient Inatos, the port of Priansou, from which only ruins of Greco-Roman temples are preserved. There is a cave in the area which, in ancient times, used to be a place to worship Eilithyia, the goddess of fertility and childbirth.

Nowadays Tsoutsouras is a popular destination for quiet summer vacation, especially for families, because of its wonderful clean beach and the mild amusement that it offers. You can find small hotels and taverns, where you can enjoy fresh fish by the sea, as well as bars for your nightlife.

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