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Venetian Rule

The Venetian Period started with the conquest of Constantinople by the Franks in 1204 and the concession of Crete to Boniface Monferaticus by the Latin emperor who sold the island to the Venetians in 1210. They settled in 1212 making Heraklion the capital of Crete. The Venetian rule lasted for about four centuries. Despite the initial unbearable oppression, the main feature of the Venetian rule was the cultural development, which resulted in important works in the field of painting, theater, literature and poetry. The development of architecture was also important, with the construction of impressive fortresses, fortifications and public infrastructure.
Remnants from this period are found in the Minoan Plain, the most important of which are:
• The archaeological site of Kastelliana
• The Fortress at Kastelli
• The Bridge at Demati
• The Venetian fountain at Mousouta
• The Venetian Fountain Of Holy Mary
• The Venetian fountain at Houmeri

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