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Vitsilia Castle

In the abandoned village of Vitsilia you can still see the ruins of the medieval castle which was built here since the beginning of the Venetian period. The castle had two entrances to the west and it was protected by a wall, which is maintained today at a low altitude on the north side. Two towers existed inside the village. One of them was supposed to be at the center of the village, while the other one, which was the biggest or else the south tower, was built at a short distance from the protective enclosure and it used to be the residence of the feudal lords of Vitsilia.

The ruins of the houses that are preserved in the castle are the evidence that the settlement was once extremely populated. Besides, according to archaeological findings, three large “patitiria” (wine presses) existed in the village. This certainly confirms some historical sources which show that the economy of Vitsilia has been based mainly on viticulture.

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