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Voni is located 30 kilometers from the city of Heraklion and 25 kilometers from Kastelli. It is an agricultural and livestock settlement with a rich annual production.

Although we cannot know exactly when the village was established, the oldest reference to it dates back to the Venetian era and it is detected in a contract of 1271 in Candia, where it is mentioned as Voni.

During Ottoman rule it is stated that the entire settlement (taxes paid by residents, etc.) was granted with an imperial proxy (afierotirio) for the maintenance of teke Bektasidon, which lied in the area of today Ampelokipoi of Heraklion.

A sarcophagus of the Late period of Minoan civilization has been found near the settlement of Voni. It has a painted decoration inside and it is inspired by sea creatures.

Today, Voni is mostly known for the monastery of Agia Marina (Saint Marina), one of the most important pilgrimages in Greece. It is worth visiting on 17 July, when Agia Marinais honored and a very large crowd of believers from the whole island come to the monastery, outside of which a large fair takes place.

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