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Zinta – Panorama

Description of the route

The starting point is the village Zinta. When you see the memorial, make a right-hand turn, follow the asphalt road and take the country road on your right before you meet the last house of the village. We will follow the main dirt track on the side of the mountain until you reach a small village called Milliarisi.

From Milliarisi we ascend right towards the pass. From there turn left and when you meet the first junction go left again to a damaged road and you find yourself above the abandoned village of Mikri Episkopi. Take the right path downhill, pass the sheepfold and enter the village.

From Mikri Episkopi descend right in the valley north of the lake and move northeast to the village of Panorama. Pay attention to this area as there are a lot of irrigation networks. We bike until we meet the asphalt road which leads to the center of the village of Panorama.

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