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The Project

The discoverminwapediadia.gr is the new web portal of the Municipality of Minoa Pediados, focusing on the three main settlements of the Municipality (Arkalohori, Kastelli, Thrapsano), one of the most beautiful middle-mountain municipalities of Crete but also one of the least publicized. It is a modern and informative guidebook which aims to answer the question “What are the interesting things I can see and do in the Municipality of Minoa Pediados?” While browsing, the visitor is guided by hundreds of digital photos from every corner of the Municipality, allowing them to navigate in large collections, accompanied by rich geographic, historic and cultural material. The ultimate goal of the portal discoverminwapediadia.gr is to visit the Municipality of Minoa Pediados and “discover” this unique place.

Who ?

Implementation Entity: Municipality of Minoa Pediados

The Municipality of Minoa Pediados is the center of the mainland of Crete in the prefecture of Heraklion. It is located 25 km southeast of Knossos in Heraklion and on the south it lies by the Libyan Sea in the area of Tsoutsouros. It has three main settlements: Kastelli, Arkalohori and Thrapsano and numerous picturesque villages with special characteristics. It covers a geographical area of 394 km2 and its population is 20,000 inhabitants.

The unparalleled combination of landscape, natural wealth, rich history, important cultural heritage, production of local products and the warm hospitality of the inhabitants makes the Municipality of Minoa Pediados a unique treasure to be discovered!

More at: http://www.minoapediadas.gr/

Implementation Entity: I.M.C. Aegean S.A.

IMC Aegean, Consultants in Innovation Applications & New Technologies S.A. (IMC Aegean SA) was set up in July of 2006. It is a company highly specialized in the science and application of Information Systems and in Innovation and Regional Development Action. The company has considerable expertise in the field of knowledge and content management systems, and is unique in this respect in the Greek market. This expertise concerns IT solutions on both applied and theoretical levels, allowing the resolution of problems in knowledge and content management in particularly complex environments.

More at: www.aegeansolutions.com

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