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The traditional complex “MyrAgapi”

“MyrAgapi” is the name given to the traditional complex created by the Korsava family with great care. It is located at the settlement of Stironas at the District of Panorama. The surrounding area is very beautiful and designed with great sensitivity.

Inside you can find:

  • The traditional boiler where “stemfyla” (the must made from grapes, seeds, stems and grape-peels) boil in order to produce Raki of an excellent quality free from wood alcohol.
  • A Wine Cellar where house wine is stored and kept in oak barrels. This wine is handmade using grapes from its own selected production.
  • A Traditional fireplace which is the cozy corner of the complex.
  • Decoration with traditional rural objects, such as mowers, reaping hooks, plows, bells, reels, etc. complete the aesthetic image, creating the impression that the visitor lives in an old authentic traditional environment.

But above all things that visitors will see and enjoy, they will have the chance to get traditional products not only raki and wine but also honey, herbs, olive oil, etc.

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